“In my opinion nobody was born with the right to say: you must or I will hurt you.” – Monty Roberts

Our goal: partnership through mutual understanding and trust.


Monty Roberts, the famous American horse trainer, also known as ‘The Horse Whisperer’, gained his knowledge through observing mustangs in the wild. He examined their behavior, the structure in the herd and the body language and gestures by which they communicate between each other. When you apply this visible, predictable and effective language and implement the key to a human-horse relationship based on mutual trust and understanding a true partnership can develop.

There is hardly a more beautifull experience than achieving a proper communication and start a dialogue with another species. If you can read and understand your horse’s body language and you are also able to respond in a way that the horse understands, you can overcome difficult situations much faster and safer.

A strong human-horse team can only evolve in a scenario in which violence or the threat of violence plays no part. Our training solutions are based on the non-verbal communication with the horse in his language. This mutual understanding, trust and predictability on both sides creates and promotes a great willingness from the horse.